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          De Brug offers various possibilities to address or personalise

           your mailings:


  • By means of inkjets directly onto the film or endpaper.
    This is the fastest and cheapest technology.
    Because the inkjets are connected to the Sitma packaging lines, addressing in a single operation is possible.
    We can print barcodes, PB or TPG logos and black logos.
    A variety of fonts is available. Suited for very large circulations.
  • By means of a stand-alone inkjet addressing machine.

    The eight print heads allow a high quality (from 150 to 600 dpi) and are based on the HP45A technology. Suited for the printing of endpapers, envelopes, cards etc. Possibility of including a logo in bitmap format. Also barcodes, PB or TPG logos and various fonts are possible.
  • By means of adhesive labels.

    You provide us with the mailing lists and we make the stickers, sorted according to the requested criteria (e.g. sorting by post code to get a discount from the postal services) and using various high-end laser printers.
  • Printing and personalisation of A4 letters (possibly on your stationery) and endpapers by means of laser printing.
  • De Brug can also manage your mailing lists and make any changes.