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For many people, a “Sheltered Workshop” still brings to mind traditional activities such as cutting, gluing or folding. As a matter of fact, we still do such activities, but in a professional environment using the latest machinery. We help with e.g.:


  • Execution, lay-out and readying mailings for sending
  • Folding printed matter: manual or by machine, using the Heidelberg TI 52 Proline folding machine
  • Machine-folding and putting documents in envelopes with the Neopost DS 200
  • Gluing documents and gadgets, DVDs,… (various types of glue are possible)
  • Gluing address labels or barcodes
  • Rolling up posters and filling tubes
  • Collecting and sorting documents
  • Various advertising actions
  • Gift wrapping
  • Putting DVDs and sleeves into boxes
  • Filling ring binders
  • Unpacking and recycling unsold magazines