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In the field of leisure and education, initiatives have been regularly organised with hobby club ‘De Kobbe’ since 1975.

Every week employees, monitors and external staff can be creative in the hobby club, with various workshops and an exhibition room at the Venneborg estate.

The project is mostly run by volunteers and, as a result, offers a wide range of experience. All participants create their own work with their own styles and rhythms.
Knowledge is passed on, members inspire each other and get new impulses every time.

The work is regularly put on display, allowing the audience to discover a nice range of artists and styles.

The various disciplines are:

In addition to the creative activities, De Kobbe regularly organises trips and other activities for the employees of De Brug: the coffee concerts, annual BBQ, Sinterklaas party, sports activities, our very own Christmas market, a visit to an external Christmas market and other personnel activities.

In 2001 PC Sint-Amedeus was the impulse for “Het Trajectiel”, a regional co-operation to activate people with chronic psychiatric problems. As requested, De Kobbe joined this project.