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The project of ‘t Peirdevolk, an association that allows disabled persons to go horseback riding and/or interact with horses, received an award from the "Lode Verbeeck Fund" in 2008. Managed by the Koning Boudewijnstichting (King Baldwin Foundation), this fund supports valuable hippotherapy projects. On November 23, 2007 they accepted their prize in Ghent. 


Perceptual training is aimed at stimulating, discovering, developing and reorganising the senses in a purposeful, healthy manner to bring about behavioural changes. With exercises and new experiences, the intellectual powers are optimally activated in a new situation, using the technique of setting reference points both inside and outside the body, in relation to the horse and on the horse’s rhythm. The training is aimed at persons:

  • with a psychotic or post-psychotic illness in the final treatment phase, who reside at resocialisation or discharge centres, within the scope of a rehabilitation programme and pursing maximum remission and recovery or desintoxication in preparation of their discharge.
  • discharged from a psychiatric centre, who are preparing for their employment or who are already employed by a sheltered workshop
  • preparing for sheltered housing and looking for something to do with their spare time, in a socially and therapeutically sound manner

A co-operative programme was initiated by ’t Peirdevolk and De Brug, with a direct contribution by the sheltered workshop itself and by De Kobbe (centre for leisure activities, affiliated with the sheltered workshop).