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Fully automated Sitma film machines allow the high-speed packaging of your brochures, books or magazines with a closed film. De Brug currently has six Sitma production lines. The most important properties and possibilities of this type of packaging:

  • Automatic adding of documents to a package, e.g. a catalogue with a reply form, cover, price list and endpaper
  • Fully automatic shrink-wrapping
  • In addition to regular PE film, we can also use pre-printed film (e.g. your own advertising on the film), crystal-clear polyprop film or biodegradable film
  • The finished products are automatically stacked and can be counted, turned over or bundled
  • Addressing with inkjet installations on the machines
  • Automatic stickering
  • Pick & place robot to position e.g. DVDs
  • Hot melt installation to glue gimmicks